Helping dogs day by day, and month by month


Start the New Year with 2020 About A Dog Rescue Society Calendar!

100% of the money raised for the 20 dollars cost of the calendar, will go to help the doggies at About A Dog Rescue Society.

Vancouver Pet Photography is happy to announce that we collaborated and joined forces with the incredible non-profit rescue group, About A Dog Rescue Society. With this lovely calendar that we have created together, we merged our passion and love for dogs to help them improve their lives, and find their forever home.

The doggies that participated in this awesome project were the wonderful models! and they are covering each page with cuteness. I hope you’re ready because your heart will melt with every new month during 2020. 

Founded a year ago, in October 2018 in Vancouver BC, About A Dog Rescue Society’s team previously worked together to rescue and re-home dogs, until they finally decided to take their passion further, and create a group of their own.

Their dogs come from various backgrounds, some from owner surrenders, and others from situations of neglect and abandonment. They are currently working with a fabulous rescue group in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and hope to further expand their rescue efforts worldwide.

Registered as a non-profit, and relying on donations, every penny raised goes straight to the dogs or towards spay/neuter clinics and initiatives. Since they do not have a shelter, About A Dog Rescue Society trust on a small group of wonderful volunteers and foster families to care for their dogs, conduct home visits, spread the word, and help them organize events.

Now, Christmas may be all about giving, sharing with the loved ones (including our four-legged family members) and taking care of others, but for About A Dog Rescue Society, every day of the year is about helping and giving love to all the dogs they find. That’s why they have the beautiful mission to help out animals by:

  • Finding loving homes in Vancouver for stray dogs found in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) through their adoption program.

  • Participating in free spay/neuter clinics in the neighborhoods where they rescue their dogs as a way to give back to the community.

  • Donating trees to a British Columbia reforestation project in honor of each of the dogs that have arrived, welcoming them to their new home, and becoming Canadians.

You can reach out to About A Dog Rescue Society if you have any questions about the dogs, or how donations are spent. Don’t forget to check out their website:

We hope you enjoy the calendar as much as we enjoyed making it!