Gronkowsky & Pugsley | Dog Photography Coquitlam


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Gronkowsky & Pugsley. We spend some time hiking at Butzen Lake until we found the perfect spot for their session.

Gronkowski is a one-year-old purebred pug, which you all know made me fall instantly in love! She’s also one of the lucky dogs that will be featured in the 2020 Calendar to raise funds for About a Dog Rescue Society. If you’re curious about her name, she was named after Rob Gronkowski a retired player of the New England Patriots… That may be the reason why she and Pugsley love watching football with mommy.

Pugsley is a 4-year-old Chug (chihuahua/pug mix). For her, getting her pictures taken was just a fun game, and of course, it would be! she got yummy chicken treats every time she gave me a supermodel look.

dogs-at-Butzen-lake-Coquitlam-Photography -2.jpg

These two girls absolutely love each other like sisters. Their favourite things are chasing balls, birds, and planes, floaties in the pool, barking at any animal on the tv, and wrestling each other too… But the first in their life for sure is their mommy, they wouldn’t take their eyes off her!

Oh Gronkowski also writes instagram stories… and Pugsley? she is the poser! She will do anything for a hot dog or for mommy (Follow these girls adventures on Instagram @gronkowsky_the_pug)

I can tell These girls are two of the happiest and most loved doggies around. Their parents simply adore them and they know it!

What a wonderful evening we had!

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