Inspiration between concrete walls


A few days ago the Vancouver Mural Festival took place, where I got inspired by the beautiful art and mixed it up with doggies!

I love art in any of its forms, it simply fascinates me and sparks my creative side to the maximum. I think we can find inspiration everywhere and in almost anything, so a couple days ago, while walking around the city delighting myself with the painting during the Vancouver Mural Festival, the muse came to me.

Organized by Create Vancouver Society, 23 artists were part of the event this year. Each of them showed their incredible style and fascinated people with their talent. I was impressed with all the different manifestations of art shown around the city. Realism, surrealism, expressionism and abstract art, to name a few, were palpable in the murals. The Create Vancouver Society see the murals as a way to celebrate the diverse local cultures and their histories, developing a lovely and inclusive initiative that I truly love.

That is why I couldn’t help myself. It was impossible for me to let the opportunity of taking pictures to go, everything was so beautiful and amazing that the thought of taking pictures of some doggies with the murals as the scenarios invaded me. Bubbles and Phoebe were my first models but I also asked people walking around with their furry babies to let them strike a pose. People was gladly surprised by the spontaneity of the moment.


Of course, they weren’t like the photos I usually take for my clients. These were the result of living the moment and seizing it. Yet, the whole experience was really fun and it reminded me of something that I already believed: The city can be a great place for a photo shoot.

Nature is amazing and I love the vibe of it, but the city has its own magic as well and a really cool feeling. Sometimes we underestimate the power of a great photo where trees are replaced by buildings and grass is made of concrete.

There is also beauty in that, I see it and I’m sure others do too. There’s this avant-garde vibe that can be used for amazing photos where our four-legged firends can be in the spotlight. Bridges, terraces, parks, fountains, even roundabouts! You name it and I assure you it can be an ideal place for a creative, artistic, unique and special photo.

I hope a lot of you guys have had the chance to enjoy the murals as much as I did. And remember to see the beauty surrounding the city and let yourself be inspired by it.

Winston - Mural Festival.jpg