Stevie the Wonder Dogo | Dog Photography Coquitlam


I know that Cherry Blossoms are far gone now, but I wanted to share the wonderful story behind this picture with all of you!

I am working on a personal project, a 2020 Calendar featuring amazing local dogs to raise funds for About a Dog Rescue Society. When I was planning my first model call for this project I knew I wanted a very special dog, and Stevie didn’t disappoint me!

As soon as I met her, I was immediately struck by her intelligence. She also has one of the most beautiful backstories I've heard:

She had a rough start in life being born with congenital glaucoma. Her eyes were milky and deformed and badly infected, all causing her a great deal of pain. She was surrendered by her breeder to CAARE Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort because she was blind. Once in rescue she went to the specialist who advised Stevie would need a bilateral enucleation to remove her eyes and relieve the pain.


Fortunately she found amazing people along the way, Jenn took her in as a foster and she immediately fell in love:

“I kept telling myself she would just be a foster and I would find her the best home she deserved. I think it was after her surgery to remove her eyes that I knew we were inseparable. We went through a lot together and I knew I couldn’t part with her. Seeing the amount of trust she puts in us to keep her safe and the love she has to give to everyone around her amazes me. She is a very special dog who’s presence is undeniable. She has changed my life in so many ways. She makes me slow down and appreciate the things I may take for granted”

Stevie has a presence about her that you can’t help but smile and be amazed at what she can do.

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