• My dog is not very well behaved, can I still get good portraits?

Absolutely, that’s what I’m here for! I’ve worked with all kinds of pets, they usually have their own ideas on how the shoot is going to progress, and that’s ok! I always manage to get a range of awesome images. A basic sit-stay is helpful, but with a lot of patience and a bit of direction from their humans we will get the best out of your pet photography experience. So please don’t let your pet’s level of obedience (or in some cases dis-obedience) discourage you from booking a session!

With shy/nervous pets our shoot may take a little longer , as I let them familiarize him/herself with the camera, surroundings and humans. This just might take more time but that's fine, pets welfare and comfort will always be my priority.

  • My dog can’t be off-leash, does it matter?

Believe it or not, most of the dogs I photograph outdoors are on-leash! I would prefer your dog is comfortable and under control, so working with a leash-on in most instances is the way it has to be. Leash removal is done in the post production stage, so after it's done, you would never even notice it was there.

Why do you want to meet before and after the session?

Vancouver Pet Photography offers  a fully customizable process to give you and your pet the best possible experience. To create a session that you are truly happy with, we need to meet to discuss what you would like to get out of the session. I want to ensure I understand your goals for artwork and images. After the session, we will meet again for the reveal session, where you choose the images you want to have bought to life via print product.

  • Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

    I sure do! I love animals of all kinds. Even though the majority of my clients are dogs and cats, I would love the opportunity to photograph all kinds of pets, from little lizards to huge horses, and anything in between.

  • What should I bring to the session?

    Come armed with your pet’s favourite toys and treats (something smelly can be extra motivating) they are super useful to get them to look at the camera if they are distracted. Also bring water and bowl, poo bags, leash (both standard and retractable if it’s possible), and any outfits or props you want to incorporate in your photos.

  • What if the weather is bad on the day?

I can shoot in all sorts of weather conditions. When it comes to outdoors, sometimes a little bit of fog, rain or snow can add some magic to the session. In severe cases, in order to guarantee the best results If the weather isn’t agreeable (threat of storms or general unstable weather) we will probably need to reschedule the session to another day. We also might need to reschedule if it is very windy or excessively hot, to preserve the comfort of both us and our four pet!

  • Can I buy the digital files from the session?

Vancouver Pet Photography specializes in tangible first-class artwork; my goal is to offer only the most high-quality albums, wall portraits and fine art printings that you will cherish for years to come. For quality-control reasons, I need to ensure professional results from start to finish that reflect my style and vision as an artist. When given high resolution digital files, there is a high risk of those just sitting in a desk drawer. However, I understand the need for digital files in today’s world, that’s why offer low-resolution (non-printable) digital files of all the images you purchase, ready to be shared on social media sites!

  • Why can’t I do my own printing?

The artwork you get with Vancouver Pet Photography comes from the finest professional labs which only photographers are able to print through. I also make sure all the portraits are reproduced on the finest materials which means the best quality you can get and the longest lasting product. The average consumer, does not have access to these labs, and are not able to order the kind of premium products that I deliver to every client.

  • What forms of payment do you accept? When do I pay?

Cheques are gladly accepted as well as Visa, Master Card, cash, and e-transfers. Returned checks are subject to a $50 fee. 50% of the session fee is required to book your session. The remaining balance is due at the session, prior to shooting. A 50% payment deposit for product orders is required when you place your order for wall art, prints or albums.  The balance is due when the artwork is ready to pick up. No portraits or albums may be picked up until everything is paid in full.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

I understand that for various reasons, many people need to stick to a weekly budget. For this reason, I offer interest-free payment plans on all print and product orders. If you are interested in a monthly payment plan, please enquire.

  • How do i schedule an appointment?

This is the easiest question to answer! just call me to schedule an appointment at 778-3859942 or email me at hello@vancouverpetphotography.com