I am Katherine, the girl behind the camera at Vancouver Pet Photography. I feel beyond blessed to be pursuing a career in photography and, especially, lucky that it allows me to work with so many fun animals. My dream is to capture the joyful soul of your furry friend so that your special bond will never be forgotten.

I moved to Canada six years ago from Caracas, Venezuela where I was born and raised (which means I can bark in both English and Spanish). Growing up in Venezuela I was surrounded by a large, loving and passionate family; our house was full of laughter, colour and many, many pets. Over the years I have had dogs, a turtle, a few fish, birds and chickens. Yes, I was the kid who would sneak an animal into the house and hope my parents wouldn’t notice. They always did. Although I have loved all of my fur and feather children, I have to admit my dogs are my favourite. My heart has a soft spot for pugs. My first pug, Frank was my sweetheart and introduced me to pet photography. Today my darling girls Phoebe & Bubbles are my muses, partners in crime and a huge inspiration for my business. 

I have been creating art and taking photographs for as long as I can remember but, I was not able to pursue it professionally in Venezuela. Moving to Canada opened the door for me to chase my dream.  I believe that pets are important members of a family and cannot wait to met your fur children. 

Now, enough about me. I’d love to hear about you! Send me your love at