Every single one is tailored to suit you & your furry friend, giving you vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork worth smiling about.


This pet session will take place on-location, somewhere very special that we will choose together, I guarantee the whole experience is going to be an adventure!

We will be inspired by the wonderful landscapes, the green forests,  the refreshing water of the ocean or the awesomeness of the city... Whatever your pet enjoys! This session is intended to explore the beautiful outdoors and give your pets the chance to play, jump, sniff or simply be themselves. 



Movie Star Sessions

This pet session is intended to capture your pet’s unique personality in a studio setting. You can come to my studio in Downtown Vancouver or I can bring all my mobile studio and give your pup the movie star treatment in the comfort of your home. This session is for pets only.


Better Together Session

This one is very special. Why? Well because you get to be in it too! This pet session was created to capture that beautiful bond you and your pet share. In this session, I’ll be able to catch those magic moments with your best friend. I’m talking about those funny, adorable and sometimes goofy moments where you can feel completely free to be who you are together.

The best part is that this session is up to 2 pets/4 people from the same home. This means multiple variations and combinations with all your family members blending. This is the session where we immortalize you and your pet sharing, playing and doing your favorite hobbies together. Are you ready to let me capture those unique and wonderful moments?


The Remembrance Session

This session is intended for senior or terminally ill pets. I know for a fact, that few things will ever be harder than saying goodbye to your four-legged family member. No one should be left without photos of their furry friends after they pass. I believe one last photo session to capture your best friend memories is something pet parents will greatly appreciate, and as a pet owner it is an honor to offer this service. I suggest that this is done in the comfort of your own home or at a place that your pet feels comfortable to reduce stress.

I understand that sometimes, these sessions must be scheduled on short notice, I will make every effort to accommodate the schedule to ensure you get these special photos with your pet.