Robbin and Loxley a Fantastic Pair | Pet Photography Surrey


I spent a lovely afternoon photographing these two beautiful dogs, their moma and their adorable human sister which also happened to be a very helpful assistant during their photo session.

These two pom poms where a dream to photograph! Robbin is basically a real-life teddy bear, he’s not only ridiculously cute, he’s also very outgoing and a natural born model. Loxley on the other hand is a shy and reserved girl, but when she smiles she brights up everything around her. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to capture them having such a great time at Bear Creek Park in Surrey.

Robbin joined his family 6 years ago with the registered name of Robbin The Hood. So when they added a 2nd Pomeranian to their family in November 2018, they wanted to have her name link with Robbin’s name. Looking at the Robin Hood story, there weren’t many female roles. So they decided on the next best thing of naming her after the place that Robin Hood was from. Hence the name Loxley.

Since Loxley joined her new family, something incredible happened, Robbins’ severe alopecia started to reverse! Her mom had tried every non-invasive suggestion that she had found to try to reverse it. Nothing worked. So you can tell bond that this two cuties are developing is deep and special.


Her mom says: “We had accepted that we would have a Pomeranian dog that looked much like a Chinese Crested dog (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). We had absolutely no idea that the solution the whole time was adding a furry companion to Robbin’s life. Within 2 months of Loxley joining our family, Robbin’s fur started to come back. It shocked all of us! We were so very cautiously optimistic. And to see him now with a full coat still seems surreal. We attribute it to Loxley’s companionship and we also found out that her food (which Robbin loves to sneak) has biotin in it which also helps with fur growth”

Robbin has had a few extra special events since Loxley joined their family and they aren’t finished yet. He was featured in People magazine, he’s walked the “dog walk” a few times to model dog clothes and was part of Vancouver Pet Photography’s Bellas Artes Project. And now Loxley is joining Robbin in being part of the 2020 calendar raising funds and awareness of About A Dog Rescue Society. Life is good!

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