Olive & Tonka Double Trouble - Dog Photography Port Moody


Can you ever have a bad time with an English Bulldog? After meeting these two gorgeous girls, for a pet photography session in Port Moody I can say, absolutely not!

Despite their bulky body and their wrinkly, squishy face give them a ferocious look, you'll find that beneath that reputation, there are just two goofy, sweet giants who adore their people… and that includes strangers! so I don't think her mom depends on them as watchdogs lol!

Olive & Tonka, are actually niece and aunt and they will be featured in the 2020 Calendar I’m working on to raise funds for About a Dog Rescue Society. They responded to a model call where I was looking for an amazing pair of dogs which relationship was special and I am more than grateful to have captured that extraordinary connection through photographs.

Tonka has been always a happy and healthy bulldog. Olive on the other hand has been sick all her life and depends on Tonka 24/7 for love, support and comfort. She has been fighting pneumonia since she was 12 weeks old and even though she had a soft palate surgery back in February 2018, she only hasn’t had antibiotics for 12 weeks in a row in the last year.

Without Tonka by her side, Olive can be nervous and she is very scared of the dark. Tonka has taught her to play, fetch and swim. She even taught her some socialization and now Olives wants to become friend with any animal she sees, no matter what it is! (although horses are her favourites). Undeniably these girls share a great bond.


I really enjoyed photographing these two! they were so expressive, and just full of personality.

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