Tips on how to keep your senior dog active


Rudy is a senior Morkie and a sweet little mama’s boy! he recently had his debut as a model for his pet photo session at Lynn Valley Park in North Vancouver. According to his mom, Rudy was very much the energetic dog in his younger years, and even though he doesn’t go at the same speed anymore we still had a very playful session and I was amazed to see how energetic he was for his age!

Pets, just like humans, must remain active to live a healthy life. I wanted to share a few tips to follow that will help your senior dog to stay healthy and happy:

  • Walking: No matter their age, most dogs will still look forward to a nice walk! Senior doggies might not be able to walk for as long anymore but they still need to go outside. You just have to keep it nice and short and make some rest stops in case your pooch gets tired. Also, use familiar routs to them, since they tend to have problems with their senses (particularly sight and hearing) as they get older

walking dog.jpg
  • Playing Fetch: Some dogs are just crazy about their toys! Although poor vision can make this game challenging for senior pups, having the right toy sometimes can help. Little Rudy absolutely loves to play catch. He spend part of our photo session going after his favourite toy. Sometimes though, his toy flew over his head and he ran the opposite way! We cheered him on and tell him where his toy was which makes him run even faster, and he was able to fetch it and brings it back to his mom every time… It was very adorable!

  • Socialising: Dogs are social animals. If your dog enjoys being around other pets, socialization would be a great way to keep them active! They might not be able to keep up with younger pups, but they’ll definitely enjoy seeing and hanging out with dogs their own age, even if they don’t end up playing. Socializing with people is also important as they not only receive love and affection, but also socialized dogs are typically happier, and able to handle stress better.

Socializing dog.jpg
  • Swimming: Some dogs really enjoy being in water! If that’s the case, swimming can be a great exercise for your dog. Pool therapy could be a great way to help dogs with mobility issues it doesn’t put as much strain on sore joints. Just make sure to monitor them in case they need assistance in the water and to dry them off as soon as they come out of any water so they don’t get cold.

  • Brain Games & Training: Old dogs can still learn new tricks! Just like humans, dog’s brains need to be challenged in order to stay strong and healthy. Puzzle toys and indoor games are a great way to keep your old dog happy and enjoy quality time together. Give them lots of brain games to keep their minds healthy and active and praise them with cheers, hugs, and treats so they feel proud.