Making a difference one dog at a time


This year I’ve been volunteering with About a Dog Rescue Society photographing dogs for their 2020 Fundraising Calendar. This awesome organization takes dogs from situations of neglect and abandonment working alongside their partner group in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, to give them a chance to live the lives they deserve with forever families. Coming from a country where stray dogs are a big issue, I truly believe that no animal should be turned away, and help shouldn’t be limited to our own town or even country, especially with so many animals needing help and rescue, that's why this project is really close to my heart.

In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, they also coordinate wellness and spay/neuter clinics that help families with pets and homeless dogs in impoverished areas get the care they need and deserve. It is the goal to not only adopt dogs but to give back to communities where so many of our furry family members come from.


Last week I had the chance to photograph two of the lucky dogs whose life have changed and I want to share their story with you:

Noel was rescued in 2013 in a neighborhood close to Puerto Vallarta. One of the challenges faced is changing attitudes towards abandoned dogs living in the street. Too many people walk by but major change starts with children, thanks to our fosters who also refuse to walk by dogs in need, their children learn the same compassion and that is why Noel was rescued. Neighborhood children saw a dog that clearly did not have a home, was not eating and showed every sign of never having any medical care. They comforted him until he felt safe enough to come home and that was the day his life changed.

Every day is the new greatest day for Noel, never a person or dog he does not want to meet and share his new life with.


Kika was rescued in 2018, she walked up to an outdoor restaurant on a busy highway looking for food and help. It was her lucky day as she walked up to a kind person who not only worked at the restaurant but is one of our fosters in Puerto Vallarta. Kika was not only fed but rescued that same moment.


Very weak and emaciated, the vet said she had all signs of being a breeder dog and sadly dogs are thrown out to fend for themselves when no longer needed. Kika was a tiny 4 pounds when found and about 6 years old, she flourished during rescue life, living with dogs of all sizes, she saw compassion probably for the first time.

Now she lives the life she deserves, it took months to learn about toys and all her new possessions but over time cherished everything she had and we saw a 6 year old turn back time and become a puppy at heart. There's a constant wagging tail, the playfulness of a puppy and the confidence of a dog who knows she is safe and loved finally.

They have many other dogs who are ready to start their new lives here in Vancouver. If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta and back to Vancouver anytime soon please contact the rescue. While you enjoy your vacation, they’ll take care of all the arrangements, meet you at the airport in Puerto Vallarta to get the lucky dog checked in and some volunteers will be waiting at YVR for your arrival and take care of the customs paperwork. You get to give a dog their special flight day which leads to the day they have dreamed about, Adoption Day!

Are you looking for another way to help? You can donate! every dollar raised goes directly towards the care of their dogs. Part of their proceeds are also put towards spay and neuter campaigns, which we feel is essential to ending pet overpopulation, homelessness, and suffering.