Celebrate their Life | Vancouver Pet Photography

Playing at the park. Petting all their favourite spots. Scratching their soft ears. Falling asleep together. Is there anything as wonderful in this world as our pets? For me that answer is a resounding “No!”.  While spending time with humans could sound great for many, for me a night in with my furry friend resting her head on my lap is the perfect way to end the week. 

Some people may not relate to this but I'm an animal lover so I get you! Pets are our spoiled babies.

That’s why I want to tell you about some reasons why you should invest in professional photography of your cute pooch. For me, the first and most important reason is:

Pets are not with us nearly long enough.

That’s right, animals don’t last forever. We wish they did, unfortunately they will cross the bridge in most cases way earlier than us. So wouldn’t you like to have this memory that shows your pet in all their greatness forever? What will you have to remember them after they pass? 

I bet your phone is full of images of your fur child and maybe you have been meaning to print some of those but then you figure out they are either bad quality, the background is too busy or it just doesn’t suit your decor. So they are sitting in your phone, cloud or computer for no one to see them. That doesn’t make justice to them, does it?  

So I’m going to get a little bit personal here. Today is a year since my faithful friend Frank crossed the rainbow, That’s why I want to dedicate my very first post to honour him. He was 14 years old, but even at his advanced age he was still a happy an active dog. It happened unexpectedly, we did not have time to prepare ourselves for such a difficult time. 

I think only few things can trigger memories the way a photography does. I can’t tell you how much do I cherish his pictures now! It is great to get those opportunities before it’s too late. So why not get those great portraits done when they’re still strong and healthy, so that when they do pass, you’ll have something spectacular - as they deserve - to illustrate their life.

I don't have many decent photos of him, but he was there at the very early stage of my photography journey, so I do have a few. He was so so patient with me, despite his timid nature, and put up with my endless photography experiments. I will miss him so much 

This is one of the reasons why Vancouver Pet Photography is so important to me: I don’t want anyone to be left without images of their pets, I feel so grateful that I can offer this service to all pets owners, since I know first hand how hard it is to loose your best friend.


Ok, this may not be the best representation of my current photography skills… but wasn’t he a cutie?  :)