The magical power behind printed pictures


Remember when years ago we used to print photos in order to have wonderful memories with us? We still do the same now, just that we carry those memories in our phones.

Actually having a Polaroid is like a trend, suddenly you’re cool for having a vintage style printed photo. Crazy huh?


I have to admit I’m addicted to taking photos of my girls Phoebe and Bubbles with my phone, but who isn’t? When you have a furry baby all you want is every moment with them to last forever, hence my phone is collapsing with all the photos I have in it. But there’s something more, I often take photos of my girls with my professional camera, so now I get to see them hanging in my walls in a beautiful frame that sparks elegance and tenderness in our home. 

The reason why I have printed photos of my pups is that I’m terrible when it comes to cell phones. I’ve lost count of how many phones I have lost over the years, like seriously, I have had 5 phones in a year, that’s how bad it is. Although is not losing the device per se that breaks my heart, is the photos! All those photos of Phoebe and Bubbles that are lost in oblivion. Videos of Phoebe's first bath, when she was a puppy with that chubby belly and little pink paws that melts anyone’s heart, that’s something I won’t ever get back again.

It’s funny because technology allows us to simply transfer photos and videos from one device to another, yet we never do a backup. We always say “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll wait until I have more photos” and that day never comes, we take hundreds of photos and we keep them on the phone or on our social media accounts until the moment of horror make us realize how important it was not just to save those pictures, but to print them!

Printing is something we underestimate now, we have forgotten their magic, their power, the meaning behind the special moment we treasured enough to want to keep it forever, frozen in time. I wished I could have taken those photos of their first time at home, or when they were sleeping like angels with my professional camera instead. I can’t imagine how lovely those pictures would look on my room right now.

Furry baby

This is one of the reasons I do photography. To capture and preserve love, happiness, joy, sweetness, magic… I want people to feel what I feel every time I walk through my hallway at home, that “awww instant” that warms me up inside. I could be grumpy or tired and seeing that portrait of Phoebe in the hallway just erase every bad feeling. And I know I’m not the only one having this experience, many of my clients have told me about how they feel when they look at the pictures I took of them and their spoiled hairy child. It is truly meaningful to them.

I have a dear friend who went through the sad experience of losing her dog. We all know how it feels like, they are part of the family and it's devastating. Weeks before her loss, we had a photo shoot and she now has a lovely photo in her home. Recently she told me how thankful she was for getting the chance of sharing that moment with her doggy, and for what she gets to feel when looking at the photo. Is indescribable and extremely powerful.

My point is don’t miss the chance of capturing those funny, silly and sweet moments with your furry child, print them, save them and keep them with you forever. If you're not very good at taking pictures, or your dog never sit still maybe is a good idea to consider a professional to do the job. You’re going to be really happy with the experience and the results, and you'll end up with a high-quality portrait for you and everybody who goes to your home to admire.